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Japanese Self-Care & Spa Box Subscription

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The Tokyo Charm is a self-care & spa box subscription for women shipping worldwide from Japan.

With a careful selection of The Tokyo Charm, monthly products will be based on different themes revolving around women's daily activities, such as sports, cooking, gardening, makeup, skincare, bath, and spa.

Each box will contain 6-8 full-size, high-quality products that will give you a mental and physical relaxing experience.

Spa box subscription

The Tokyo Charm always aims to help women take care of themselves in the most comprehensive way.

From time immemorial, the Japanese have considered bathing in the bathtub daily as a method to maintain health and beauty.
Soaking in the tub for about 15 minutes a day can help
1. clean skin and help skin breathe,
2. stimulate skin and improve blood circulation,
3. Warm up the body and relieve stress
4. Eliminate mental fatigue

Through these wonderful effects, bathing in Japan has become very popular and maintained to this day. To make bathing more enjoyable, there are more and more types of bath salts with different scents and colors in the Japanese market.

Each monthly The Tokyo Charm box will include bath salts or bath products from the domestic Japanese market (novelty guaranteed) that you cannot find in your country.

In addition, with Japanese mask will help you get a spa experience in a box.


Self-care box subscription

To make your experience more perfect, we carefully select other beauty products every month, such as cosmetics, skincare, and hair care... We always think: loving self is taking care of self in every situation, every moment. Therefore, lifestyle products, such as fashion accessories, stationery, and Japanese dishes, will also be included in the monthly themes.
Only from $49.99
You will get the following:
Positive Energy: Happiness & Inspiration
Positive Habit: Loving Yourself
Relaxation of mind and body
All in one The Tokyo Charm box!

Happiness box

Give for yourself or someone one special with a Japanese subscription box

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  • I'm so happy with my purchase!

    The person I surprised this gift for was overwhelmed with happiness because it felt like she was receiving a Christmas gift. Beautifully packaged and wonderful opening experience. Would absolutely recommend this box and would buy it again.

  • The best thing ever!

    It is so exciting when I receive my The Tokyo Charm Box ! I love being surprised with unknown products ! Highly recommended!!

  • No complaints.

    My daughter loved these! It’s always an unknown when the box contents change each time, but they come beautifully wrapped and add a little adventure, beauty, and curiosity in getting to enjoy exquisite Japanese items. Thank you very much!!!

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